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Dear Friend,

You are invited to learn how to discern the spiritual lessons from nature. This is an ability which the Scriptures infer and which was strong in the Early Church. This under-standing, however, has largely faded from modern Christian practice.

The goal of this event is to help you recover an ability to learn spiritual lessons from creation. However, we will NOT teach you how to do this. Instead, you will cooperate with others and learn through your own prayer, inspiration, exploration, discussion and experience. After over fifty OBN weekend programs we have found that the discoveries (or rediscoveries) which you make will stay with you in a much more profound manner than information which is merely given to you, or related from discoveries others have made.

In other words, there are two ways to teach beginning swimming: discuss all the different strokes and gradually build up to swimming in the deep end of the pool, or provide a few basic principles and jump in. We use the second method with excellent results.

This Bay Area Opening the Book of Nature program will take place on Saturday, beginning at 9:00 AM, May 5th, 2001 in Mt. Tamalpais State Park above Muir Woods. This is located about 30 minutes north of San Francisco and 50 minutes south of Santa Rosa. Each person is responsible for his or her own food.

We suggest a donation of somewhere between $9 and $99 for the one day program. Pay according to your ability. If you do not have funds, inquire about a scholarship. No one will ever be turned away because of lack of funds. AFTER you register, a preparatory packet with readings, a map and other background items will be sent to you.

If you are not able to attend, please post the enclosed announcement in your church or at some other suitable location. Call if you have questions. Thank you.

Yours in Christ's service,

Fred Krueger